Network Centrality Practitioner Certificate
Level 2
Virtual Workshops

 East Asia – Singapore / Shanghai 

All modules 15:00 – 17:30 @Zoom

Ready to design and implement your own Network Centrality projects?

Network Centrality is a cutting-edge organizational development system and approach, allowing you to understand how work really gets done in organizations. The Network Centrality Practitioner Certificate is designed for individuals who have completed the Foundation Certificate and want to deepen their understanding of the uses of Social Capital and Social Quotient. This course will provide you with a firm understanding of the practical application of designing, running, and analyzing Network Centrality projects.  such as advanced interpretation of Social Capital and Social Quotient.

Through a series of interactive and engaging virtual modules supported by e-learning content, we will give you the knowledge and confidence to interpret Social Capital and Social Quotient at an advanced level, design Network Centrality projects, interpret real-life data and networks, and support organizational objectives using Network Centrality results.



You will learn through a series of virtual modules facilitated by our experienced Network Centrality Consultants, and also engage in e-learning and coursework to deepen your interpretation and application skills.

Module 1 – Project Design and Delivery

Module 2 – Achieving Results Using Network Centrality

Available Dates

Thu 4 Nov 2021 - Thu 11 Nov 2021
Module 1 – 04/11
Module 2 – 11/11