Network Centrality Foundation Certificate
Level 1
Virtual Workshops

UK – London

All modules 13:30 – 16:00 @Zoom

Ready to challenge your perception of how work gets done in organizations?

Mentis Foundation Certificate in Network Centrality – Explore & influence the patterns of collaboration & trust in your people networks Network Centrality is a cutting-edge organizational development system and approach, allowing you to understand how work really gets done in organizations. The Network Centrality Foundation Certificate provides you with a firm foundation in the interpretation and application of Organizational Network Analysis (ONA), the collective relationship resources of an organization (Social Capital), and an individual’s impact and influence (Social Quotient). Through a series of interactive and engaging virtual modules supported by e-learning content, we will give you the knowledge and confidence to understand and apply the insight from Social Capital and the Social Quotient to create powerful people networks.


You will learn through a series of virtual webinars facilitated by our experienced Network Centrality Consultants, and also engage in e-learning to deepen your interpretation and application skills.
Module 1 – Background & Foundations of Network Centrality
Module 2 – Social Capital
Module 3 – The Social Quotient

Available Dates

Thu 09 Dec 2021 - Thu 23 Dec 2021
Module 1 – 09/12
Module 2 – 16/12
Module 3 – 23/12

Thu 7 Jan 2021 - Thu 28 Jan 2021
Module 1 – 07/01
Module 2 – 14/01
Module 3 – 21/01
Module 4 – 28/01