Hogan Advanced Interpretation
Two (2) Virtual Workshops

South Asia – India

All modules 11:30 – 15:30 @Zoom

Ready to take your Hogan interpretation skills to the next level?

The Hogan Advanced Interpretation Workshop provides you with deeper knowledge and expertise in interpreting the Hogan Scales, Subscales and patterns across the HPI, HDS and MVPI. Through a series of interactive and engaging virtual modules, we will give you the knowledge and confidence to interpret complex combinations of the three Hogan Assessments and create developmental recommendations.


You will learn through a series of virtual modules facilitated by our experienced Hogan Consultants to deepen your interpretation and application skills.
Module 1 – Interpretation Approaches
Module 2 – Profiles Patterns & Integration

Available Dates

Mon 1 Jun 2020 - Mon 8 Jun 2020
Module 1 – 01/06
Module 2 – 08/06