ShareFile is definitely an online storage and sharing support that allows multiple users to locate the same file. All editions of a record can be synced so that later the latest version. Citrix ShareFile supports up to 100GB of data files. Users don’t have to install anything at all and it is extremely user-friendly.

ShareFile’s Internet application allows users to share files to users by dragging and dropping documents to the ShareFile interface. Users can also share data with other folks by email or by linking for the file’s WEB ADDRESS. Another feature of ShareFile is its ability to set up custom work flow for multiple users to reach the same doc at the same time.

ShareFile is available in several different pricing plans and offers a no cost 30-day trial. Advanced and Premium subscriptions offer advanced security features and Gmail integration. The no cost version only supports up to 500MB of storage, that makes it a good approach to people who shouldn’t store a number of files.

ShareFile is an enterprise-grade file sharing and syncing answer that allows clubs to share and retailer large files without reducing security. In addition, it offers the added security of encryption to patrol sensitive data.